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Nattokinase is a powerful natural enzyme derived from natto, a fermented soybean food product. Natto is made by adding the beneficial bacterium Bacillus natto to boiled soybeans through a fermentation process, yielding the enzyme nattokinase specific solely to natto. Nattokinase has been widely researched for its cardiovascular support properties and its ability to positively affect cholesterol levels. Cactus Botanics' Bacillus natto fermentations are performed with meticulous purification and concentration yielding high-purity and bioactive nattokinase. The white powder may then be mixed with dextrin or a similar carbohydrate for capsules and tablets. It is available in powders with dissolve activity of 12,000 fu/G and 20,000 fu/G. For more information, contact Cactus Botanics (Shanghai) by sending an e-mail to

Barrier Coating
Nanolok PT ADV-7 water-based coating provides a sustainable, cost-effective option for transparent food packaging with high oxygen and/or moisture barrier. By reducing the amount of barrier material needed and using only nonhazardous materials, this technology enables food companies to produce products with long shelf life and reduced carbon footprint and environmental impact. It lessens both material and process costs when compared with the lowest-cost transparent high-oxygen barrier material, ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH). According to the company, coating thicknesses of Nanolok PT ADV-7 in the range of 0.5–0.8 µm provide better oxygen barrier than 10–20 µm of EVOH and provide much better oxygen and moisture barrier when compared with polyvinylidene chloride–coated PET. Nanolok PT ADV-7 can be applied using commercial roll-coating equipment and provides performance competitive with more-expensive vacuum- and plasma-deposited coatings. For more information, contact InMat Inc. (Hillsborough, NJ) by visiting or calling 908/874-7788.

Brown Seaweed Extract
A polysaccharide derived from brown seaweed called fucoidan contains no contaminants, solvents, or artificial treatments. It is processed from hand-harvested materials and dried naturally to preserve optimal moisture content at an organic-certified facility. Each batch of the fucoidan extract is tested for microbes, heavy metals, and FCC inorganic arsenic at three different independent laboratories. A 50% grade of the ingredient is also available for weight-management applications. For more information, contact AHD International (Atlanta) by visiting

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