Supplements Brand Says Difficulty Swallowing Pills Affects Millions in U.S.


Dysphasia may affect as many as 22% of those 50 years or older.

According to Easy 2 Swallow LLC, a supplements brand advocating the use of easy-to-swallow vitamins, dysphasia, a swallowing disorder, now affects 15 million Americans, according to recent estimates by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. In fact, dysphasia may affect as many as 22% of those 50 years or older.

“Dysphasia can arise from a wide variety of causes, including stroke; traumatic head injury; spinal cord injury; head, neck, and esophageal cancers; Parkinson’s disease; Muscular Dystrophy; and Multiple Sclerosis. Over 30% of MS patients have swallowing problems, as do up to 40% of Parkinson’s patients,” the company says.

Easy 2 Swallow says that its products are consumer friendly in that they are smaller in size, specially coated, and in some cases, chewable. It says its vitamins are as much as 71% smaller than vitamins found in typical drugstores.

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