Superfruit Marketing Extends to Mulberry


Mulberry Love is a new brand of mulberry juice blends.

With praise for anthocyanins coming from academic journals, health gurus, and even Dr. Oz, manufacturers continue rolling out products rich in these purple, blue, and red pigments. And Mulberry Love is the latest example.

Mulberry Love is presumably the only brand of blended mulberry beverages sold in the United States. Each product is sourced from Turkish mulberries, including a premium organic mulberry juice blended with coconut water and a conventional mulberry superfruit blend. Both products are already available at select retailers nationwide, and the company is planning future launches such as a mulberry and green tea blend and pouch products for kids. The company says mulberries are a promising source of nutrition for memory, vision, heart, and inflammation support.

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Nils Hoem and Nutritional Outlook editor Sebastian Krawiec
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