Superba Krill May Help Children with ADHD


Aker Biomarine is making a push towards more research on krill and central nervous system disorders.

Taking a daily krill oil supplement could improve clinical scores in children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), according to new research from krill products supplier Aker Biomarine (Oslo, Norway).

Eighteen boys, age 7 to 11 years, were assigned to a Superba brand krill supplement daily for 13 weeks while a cognitive test was performed. Electroencephalography (EGG), a test to measure brain waves, was performed on each patient. EGG scores were then compared to a database of EEG patterns for 400 children diagnosed with ADHD.

Improvements in EEG scores were observed with the treatment, says the company.

“This is an important observation identifying positive effects on the central nervous system (CNS) after supplementation of krill oil in humans,” said Hogne Vik, MD, PhD, of Aker Biomarine. “For the first time, objective EEG measurements-before and after a 90-day intervention period with krill oil-have confirmed observed improvements in a clinical CNS condition. The findings in this study will be published and followed-up with additional clinical studies in populations at risk for developing CNS disorders."

According to the company, the Superba krill brand is100% traceable from the Antarctic sea to customers and is the only krill brand with Marine Stewardship Council Certification.

For more information, visit the company here.

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