Study: Wellmune WGP Protects Immune System in Athletes


The yeast beta glucan supported cytokine and monocyte levels before and after intense exercise.

Biothera (Eagen, MN) announces the latest in research on Wellmune WGP yeast beta-glucan with a new study on athletes’ immune systems.

In crossover fashion, 60 recreational athletes supplemented with placebo or 250 mg of Wellmune WGP for 10 days. Blood samples, taken at baseline, immediately before and after intense exercise, and two hours after exercise revealed changes in concentrations of monocytes and cytokines, key regulators of the human immune system.

Compared to placebo, Wellmune WGP supplementation was associated with higher production of both types of cells before and after exercise. These results suggest that the ingredient could benefit athletes in need of quick recovery time after exercise.

The study is available online at the British Journal of Nutrition.

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