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Anti-doping scientist Don Catlin says that he purchased several steroid products through the online retailer.

Despite continued federal efforts to curb the sale of anabolic steroids, the illegal products appear as easy to purchase as ever. Steroids marketed as dietary supplements are readily available through, according to a new report from the WashingtonPost.

The news agency reports that famed anti-doping scientist Don Catlin, CEO of Anti-Doping Research (Los Angeles), and his son Oliver successfully purchased several steroid-containing products through Amazon.

Catlin and his son purchased 8 to 10 products through, said the Washington Post, noting that three of four products they already tested have come up positive for active steroids.

One of those tainted products was Competitive Edge Labs P-Plex, reported as containing the anabolic steroid Madol. (Madol is known for its presence in the 2003 BALCO scandal).

"These things shouldn't be sitting at people's fingertips," Oliver Catlin told the news agency. "They certainly shouldn't be at the fingertips of high school students and so forth, and they are there available to anyone."

Amazon did not immediately return a request for comment, said the Washington Post.

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