Sprouted Whole Wheat Flour Has Improved Baking Function


Horizon Milling pits its new flour against a non-sprouted equivalent.

Horizon Milling (Minneapolis) now supplies sprouted whole-wheat flour for manufacturers who are seeking alternative whole grains. The sprouted flour is distinguished by its name, but the company says this flour even has baking benefits over its non-sprouted equivalent.

“We know a progressive segment of whole grain consumers are very passionate about sprouted grains,” says Horizon Milling marketing manager Nikki Cole. “That's what drew us to the space. Yet, our focus has been centered on elevating bake performance and [we] believe the functional benefits that arise during sprouting will be what bakers are most excited about.”

In-house tests so far indicate that, compared to non-sprouted whole-wheat flour, sprouted whole-wheat flour can achieve greater loaf volumes (10–12%) and shorter “proofing times,” that which is required for the activation of yeast. A farinograph test also revealed that the sprouted dough better tolerates “abuse” than non-sprouted dough. The sprouted option may even have improved taste, because a consumer test revealed more sweetness and less bitterness with the sprouted option.

Horizon Milling is a joint venture between CHS Inc. and Cargill. The company will be showcasing its new flour in a breadstick concept at this week’s International Baking Industry Exhibition (IBIE) in Las Vegas.

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