Solbar Introduces Steam Textured Soy Protein


Solbar says its new soy protein has cutting-edge advantages compared to traditional soy proteins.

At January’s Sirha exhibition in Lyon, France, Solbar Israel (Ashdod, Israel) introduced Bontex, a steam-textured soy protein.

Gluten-free and kosher-certified, Bontex brings textured soy protein to a variety of food applications, including snacks, meat, vegetarian foods, and ready-to-eat meals. The ingredient is low in sodium and high in protein.

Using a proprietary process, Bontex is a textured soy protein that, unlike standard textured soy flour, gives off no soy off-tastes.

Flavors and natural colors are added before texturization.

Bontex can be cut and sieved into five optional sizes, and unique customization is available.

“Bontex has cutting-edge advantages in the marketplace, thanks to its organoleptic profile and its ability to maintain its texture even when wet or following the cooking process,” said Solbar global applications manager David Kraus.

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