Skin More Elastic with Collagen Peptides?


Gelita's new study shows benefits with collagen peptides for middle-aged women.

Collagen is an important component of human skin, and reintroducing the substance back into the body is showing potential for benefit. Gelita (Sergeant Bluff, IA) reports that its Verisol collagen peptides have improved the elasticity of skin in a human clinical trial.

For eight weeks, 69 women consumed a daily placebo or daily Verisol (2.5 g or 5 g). After measuring for changes in skin health parameters at four and eight weeks, researchers noticed significantly higher skin elasticity scores for women consuming either dose of collagen peptides. Skin moisture appeared to benefit from Verisol, too, but a statistically significant improvement over placebo was not recorded.

Hans-Ulrich Frech, vice president of Gelita’s collagen peptides business, says that scientific substantiation like this is hard to come by in the skin health category. Another study on Verisol and wrinkle reduction was just completed and is pending publication.

Gelita offers a wide range of collagen ingredients for humans and pets.

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