Sensient Predicts Exotic Flavors in 2011


See a list of foreign flavors expected to trend next year.

For those looking at exotic flavors for foods and beverages, Sensient Flavors (Indianapolis, IN) has compiled a list of what the company believes will be the hottest flavor profiles of 2011.

Check out the company’s list below. Chances are good that there’s something here you haven’t heard of.

“Aguaje: Widely grown and consumed in Peru, aguaje is a highly nutritious fruit with a bright orange flesh.

Berbere: An Ethiopian spice mixture, berbere is a blend of cayenne pepper, allspice, cardamom, cloves, fenugreek, ginger, black pepper, and salt.

Borojo: Grown in Colombia and Ecuador and thought to boost energy, borojo has a pleasantly sweet and sour taste.

Ceylon Cinnamon: Used widely in England and Mexico, Ceylon cinnamon has a complex flavor with a citrus overtone and is less sweet than cassia cinnamon.

Cherimoya: Native to Ecuador, Columbia and Peru, the cherimoya has a tropical fruit flavor with slight cream and green notes.

Grains of Paradise: Native to Africa, these dried seeds offer a complex flavor profile with earthy, woody, citrus, herb, and heat nuances.

Hibiscus: Popular in South America and the Caribbean, hibiscus offers a tart, tangy berry flavor.

Pandan: Grown in the tropical areas of Asia, pandan offers a uniquely sweet flavor and aroma.

Yacon: Native to Peru, the yacon is a vegetable that has a distinctly unique flavor that is fruit and earthy and is compared most commonly with an apple.

Yumberry: Officially known as the Yang Mei and native to China, the yumberry has a pleasantly tart and sweet flavor profile.”

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