Safety Reinforced on Danisco Antimicrobial


A new toxicology test has raised the level of safe exposure to Danisco's nisin A.

A new toxicology study on Nisaplin, Danisco’s (Copenhagen) nisin A natural microbial, has determined that the shelf-life extender is safe at recommendations much higher than previously considered.

Danisco has supplied Nisaplin since 1953. The company states that it is the only form of nisin produced without allergens and approved by the CODEX Alimentarius and the joint FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization)/WHO Committee on Food Additives.

“We generally see shelf-life improvement of 100% or more when Nisaplin® is added,” said Joss Delves-Broughton, principal application specialist at Danisco.

“Compared to previous studies of nisin intake, which have been limited by the high salt content of the commercial nisin preparation, the nisin concentration used for this animal study was much higher,” said a news brief from Danisco. “The findings reveal no observed adverse effects from a 90-day diet containing up to 5% nisin A-way above the [acceptable daily intake] of 0.13 mg per kilo body weight established by the EU Scientific Committee on Food.”

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