Sabinsa Gets U.S. Patent for Selenium Dipeptides for Hair Care


These dipeptides offer benefits specifically for hair-care products.

Sabinsa Corp. (East Windsor, NJ) has gained a U.S. patent covering its method for creating dipeptides containing selenoamino acids. These dipeptides of selenoamino acids offer benefits specifically for hair-care products. (In a selenoamino acid, selenium replaces the sulfur of the amino acid. In L-selenomethionine, selenium replaces the sulfur of the methionine molecule.)

According to the company, its method for creating L-selenomethionine peptides results in an ingredient with excellent vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and anti-5-alpha reductase activity. The company says these activities are important for helping to maintain ideal homeostasis for hair care. Additionally, the dipeptides offer higher water solubility and bioavailability, the firm says.

“This discovery by the Sabinsa research team creates a lot of opportunity, given the product’s capabilities to prevent and reduce hair loss, maintaining perfect homeostasis for hair care,” stated Anurag Pande, PhD, the company’s vice president of scientific affairs.

The patent is Sabinsa’s 72nd patent. The patent is titled “Dipeptides incorporating selenoamino acids with enhanced bioavailability-synthesis, pharmaceutical, and cosmeceutical applications thereof.”

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