Recent open label study finds that ashwagandha supports stress and sleep quality with good tolerability


A novel ashwagandha extract called Ashwadaat reduced stress and improved quality of sleep in subjects without any adverse side effects.


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A recent open label, multi-center, non-comparative, interventional, prospective clinical study evaluated the efficacy and safety of a proprietary ashwagandha extract called Ashwadaat, from Lodaat (Chicago, IL).1 In the study, 30 subjects suffering from stress and insomnia were given two capsules of the ashwagandha extract twice daily for 30 days. To determine the ingredient’s efficacy, researchers assessed the subjects’ stress by Perceived Stress Scale (PSS), severity of Insomnia on Insomnia Severity Index, assessment of quality of life (QOL) on GHQ28 scale and Serum Cortisol level (Morning).

Results showed that consumption of the ashwagandha extract significantly reduced stress by over 10 points on the PSS and insomnia by 55%. Subjects also saw significant improvements in sleep quality and quality of life at day 15 and day 30, compared to baseline scores. The extract was well tolerated after 30 days of consumption, with no adverse side effects reported.


  1. Tamoli S et al. “Evaluation of efficacy and safety of Ashwadaat botanical extract in patients with stress and insomnia – an open label, multi center, non-comparative, interventional, prospective clinical study.” International Journal for Research in Applied and Natural Science, vol. 7, no. 4 (2021)
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