Recent animal study finds that lemon flavonoid extract may support healthy cholesterol metabolism


Results showed that the lemon flavonoid extract exerted antioxidant effects, and reduced biosynthesis and degradation products to maintain balanced cholesterol levels.

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A recently published study1 investigated the effects of a lemon flavonoid extract, called Eriomin (from Ingredients by Nature, based in Montclair, CA), on cholesterol metabolism, specifically in the context of healthy aging. In the study, 24-month-old Wistar rats were given either 40 mg/kg of the lemon flavonoid extract suspended in sunflower oil or just sunflower oil (as control) daily for four week. Researchers measured oxidative stress, total cholesterol as well as its biosynthesis precursors and degradation precursors.

Results showed that rats given the lemon flavonoid extract saw a significant reduction in total oxidant status and oxidative stress index, compared to placebo. They also saw significant reductions in the biosynthetic cholesterol precursor, desmosterol, as well as the degradation products, 7α- and 24-hydroxycholesterol, while cholesterol remained unchanged.

“These products – oxygenated derivatives of cholesterol 7α-hydroxycholesterol and 24-hydroxycholesterol – also known as oxysterols, are crucial for maintaining cholesterol balance and ensuring proper digestive and metabolic functions,” explained Thais Cesar, PhD, the study’s lead researcher and scientific advisor to Ingredients by Nature, in a press release. “7α-hydroxycholesterol regulates bile acid synthesis and cholesterol homeostasis in the liver, as well as bile acid reabsorption in the ileum. Meanwhile, 24-hydroxycholesterol facilitates cholesterol transport from the brain to the liver for detoxification and clearance, contributing to overall cholesterol homeostasis.”

“This study showed that Eriomin exerted potent antioxidant effects to help maintain serum cholesterol levels,” added Rob Brewster, president at Ingredients by Nature. “Flavonoids are well-known for antioxidant properties and our proprietary blend, Eriomin, continues to demonstrate its potent antioxidant effects through our clinical research.”


  1. Šošić-Jurjević, B.; Borković-Mitić, S.; Pavlović, S.; Vlahović, D.; Miler, M.; Cesar, T.; Ajdžanović, V.; Milenkovic, D.; et al. Lemon Flavonoid Extract Eriomin Improves Pro/Antioxidant Status and Interferes with Cholesterol Metabolism without Affecting Serum Cholesterol Levels in Aged Rats. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2024, 25 (10), 5221. DOI: 10.3390/ijms25105221
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