Rapid Knee & Lower Back Support: A First-In-Class Innovation



Webinar Date/Time: Monday, October 16, 2023 at 2 PM EDT

Gain practical insights into revolutionizing dietary supplements and botanical alternatives for safer, long-term joint pain relief. Learn from industry experts with years of experience in product innovation and development.

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Event Overview:

Bio-diversity of the plant kingdom still has untapped potential for joint health provided an effort is made to understand and utilize it sustainably beyond commonly known ingredients and solutions. There are well known safety concerns in long term regular usage of OTC pain killers for joint relief in otherwise healthy people. Plant extracts are better suited to manage multi-factor-based health problems compared to purified chemicals which usually target a single site of action. This webcast will explain a solution for the unmet need for lower back support supplements as well as shed light on the pathways in knee and lower back pain and stiffness.

Key Learning Objectives:  

  • Understand why the majority of joint pain and low back pain/stiffness sufferers do not respond well to conventional therapies.
  • Walkthrough pain in sports performance and the relevance of botanical solutions to address multiple pathways involved for safer long-term usage.
  • Learn about a unique innovation clinically tested to provide rapid low back & knee support.

 Who Should Attend:

  • Product formulators / Formulation departments of dietary supplement companies
  • R&D personnel of dietary supplement companies and contract manufacturers
  • Product Development of dietary supplement companies and contract manufacturers
  • C-level executives of finished product brands and contract manufacturers


Amol Pathak
Director - Business & Strategy
Enovate Biolife

Amol is a pharmacist and completed his graduate school (MBA) in the USA on scholarship. He has long international business experience in healthcare products & services. Since 2000 Amol has represented the science & benefits of Indian natural products in various capacities to diverse stakeholders including consumers, regulators, practitioners, professional associations, media etc across multiple countries. At ENovate Biolife, he has been heading the Business and Strategy functions for the last 11 years, and has been instrumental in the launch and growth of several clinically-proven, award-winning ingredients.Mark JS MillerPresidentKaiviti Consulting, LLC

Mark JS Miller
Kaiviti Consulting, LLC

Dr. Mark Miller has made significant contributions as both researcher, entrepreneur and marketer in the fields of health & medicine. During his three decades as an elite biomedical researcher & Medical School Professor he made major discoveries that has changed how we approach health & disease. Dr. Miller has been instrumental in advising Vedic Lifesciences and several functional ingredient and finished good companies in matters such as study design, new product formulation and concept development.

Just as he has done in academic medicine, Dr. Miller has led a path of transformative disruption in the business world. Dr. Miller has been a successful entrepreneur, product developer, marketer, key opinion & business development leader, and C-Suite executive to the Private Equity Community.

Dr. Miller is a self-described historical futurist, a possibility aficionado, an unrepentant coddiwompler, avid smirker & story-teller. Currently, Dr. Miller is a Consultant with Kaiviti Consulting, serving the global nutrition & wellness industry.

Dr. Shalini Srivastava
Associate Director Clinical Development
Vedic Lifesciences

Dr. Shalini Srivastava is the force behind the clinical operations at Vedic Lifesciences. She has designed and implemented unique and cream-of-the-lot studies, one of which was awarded the Nutraingredient sports nutrition award, and has been involved in the 6th largest probiotic study on digestive health and one of the largest COVID studies in India. She chose unique end points, especially Attention Network Test by Fan et. al, which was the only tool to decode three aspects of attention: alertness, executive attention, orientation. The gut study was executed in a population with dietary habits close to western population. The outcomes were aligned to meet the global requirement of such individuals. The study also explored the gut-brain axis before the association between the two came into light. In one of the biggest osteoarthritis studies, the baseline data was validated for pre- and post-COVID participants to match the WOMAC score. Her personal accomplishments include being a member of Rome Foundation, an NGO dedicated to scientific support of diagnosis and treatment of disorders related to gut-brain interaction. Also, she is a part of American Society of Nutrition and a volunteer in the American College of Lifestyle Medicines.

She has been a co-investigator at the site (the only site in Asia) working on Muckle-wells Syndrome and development of rotavirus vaccine for children. She was a part of the Govt of India and PATH (health NGO of U.S.) where she was the study physician. She has also worked on oral insulin therapy development in children suffering from type 1 diabetes.

Register Free: https://www.nutritionaloutlook.com/no/rapid-innovation

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