Published Human Skin Study on BioCell Collagen


Collagen consumption was associated with improvements in several skin parameters.

The Journal of Clinical Interventions in Aging has published the first human skin study on BioCell Collagen, a patented collagen ingredient from BioCell Technology (Newport Beach, CA).

For 12 weeks, 26 middle-aged women consumed 1 g of BioCell Collagen daily. Compared to baseline, collagen consumption improved collagen levels (3.5%) and blood microcirculation (15%) while reducing dry skin and scaling (76%) and fine lines and wrinkles (13.2%).

Coupled with previous research supporting BioCell Collagen for joint health, the skin health potential of BioCell Collagen strengthens its case for beauty-from-within formulas.

“Since the surface of the skin acts as a barrier, most topical cosmetic applications can only deliver superficial results,” says BioCell Technology vice president of scientific affairs Joosang Park, PhD. “However, all the building blocks of extracellular matrix of this largest organ can only be supplied from inside the body.”

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