Public Workshop on EU Novel Foods


Interested in learning about how Europe approves its novel foods and ingredients?

The EU’s Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes (ACNFP) is opening up its doors, with a November 20th ACNFP workshop that will engage the public on how the ACNFP conducts its work. The ACNFP advises the UK Food Standards Agency on novel foods and ingredients, which are foods or ingredients that must be approved for market because they do not have a significant history of local consumption.

ACNFP chair and professor Peter Gregory will lead the workshop. Its goal is to educate the public on how ACNFP makes scientific assessments of foods from other regions of the world. Part of the discussion will center on the group’s rationale for certain safety assessments and its rationale for genetically modified foods. The agency will answer public questions with priority given to those submitted in advance.

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