Proprietary probiotic formulation, Cerebiome, may positively influence the microbiome of anxious individuals


The recent study explored the role the proprietary probiotic blend may have on the microbiome of anxious adults and as a result, their anxiousness.

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A recent study1 published in the journal Nutrients explored the role a proprietary probiotic blend may have on the microbiome of anxious adults and as a result, their anxiousness. Researchers used a SHIME (Simulator of the Human Intestinal Microbial Ecosystem) model to observe the effects the blend would have on Ammonia (NH4+), short chain fatty acids (SCFAs), gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), cytokines and microbiota composition. The protocol involved a one-week control period and two weeks of probiotic treatment. Branded Cerebiome, the probiotic blend contains Lactobacillus helveticus R0052 and Bifidobacterium longum R0175. Cerebiome is manufactured and supplied by Lallemand Health Solutions, and the study was funded by Lallemand’s commercial partner in Brazil, Apsen Farmacêutica.

Results showed that the probiotic blend decreased NH4+ production at day 7 and 14 compared to control, and increased acetic acid production as well as SCFAs compared to control at 14 days. Researchers also observed an increase in the secretion of anti-inflammatory cytokines, and a decrease in pro-inflammatory cytokines compared to control. The probiotic blend also modulated the microbiome, significantly increasing the abundance of Lactobacillus and Olsenella while significantly decreasing the abundance of Lachnospira and Escheria-Shigella.

“The SHIME study reinforces our commitment to physicians and patients. By contributing to science, we are also building a more scientific base for the proper use of our products, while helping thousands of Brazilians who suffer from occasional or mild anxiety symptoms” explains Márcio Castanha, commercial vice president at Apsen Farmacêutica.

“We are very pleased of our ever-flourishing collaboration with Apsen, a partner with whom we share a similar scientific philosophy and work ethic. Our cooperation over the years has garnered the introduction of innovative probiotic solutions for the benefit of all Brazilians,” noted Edwing Koc, sales manager, responsible for the Latin America region at Lallemand Health Solutions.


  1. De Oliveira, F.L.; Salgaço, M.K.; De Oliveira, M.T.; Mesa, V.; Sartoratto, A.; Peregrino, A.M.; Ramos, W.S.; Sivieri, K. Exploring the Potential of Lactobacillus helveticus R0052 and Bifidobacterium longum R0175 as Promising Psychobiotics Using SHIME. Nutrients. 2023, 15(6): 1521. DOI: 10.3390/nu15061521
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