ProDura Probiotic Taking On Gummy Form


The gummy format is possible due to ProDura’s spore-forming bacteria.

Consumers will soon be able to consume Nebraska Cultures’ (Walnut Creek, CA) ProDura Bacillus coagulans probiotic strain in a gummy delivery form. The gummy format is possible due to ProDura’s spore-forming bacteria, which, the company says, are resistant to numerous processing conditions, including heat. Nebraska Cultures introduced ProDura to the market a little over a year ago.

To develop the gummy format, as well as other possible confectionery forms, Nebraska Cultures is partnering on development with ingredients firm Viva 5 Corp. (Fort Lauderdale, FL).

 “We are very excited to team up with Nebraska Cultures, and are impressed [with] their commitment to high-quality, science-based probiotics,” said Tony Corey, vice president, Viva 5, in a press release. “With the growth of probiotic sales in dietary supplements, and high demand for a probiotic gummy, there is clearly a need in the market for this type of innovation.”

“We believe the ProDURAstrain is an ideal candidate for such a product in the marketplace, due to its proven superiority in thermal resistance over other commercially available strains of Bacillus coagulans,” he continued.

Corey says the companies expect to launch several ProDura gummy products in North America next year.

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