Probiotic Developers Hail Educational Documentary


Leading probiotic companies have expressed enthusiasm for “Microwarriors: The Power of Probiotics,” a new documentary about the history and science of probiotics.

Health Point Productions, in conjunction with leading probiotic companies around the world, has released “Microwarriors: The Power of Probiotics,” a film documentary about the history and science of probiotics.

The documentary provides an easy approach to understanding the history of these beneficial bacteria, how they’re tested and produced, and what the latest science is telling us about their healthful benefits. Commentary from the world’s leading probiotic developers, such as Chr. Hansen A/S (Hørsholm, Denmark), and footage from inside their production facilities is included in the film.

“We strongly believe this documentary will help to increase the awareness and credibility of probiotics among the general public,” said Isabelle Champié, deputy manager and global marketing director for probiotic developer Institut Rosell-Lallemand (Montreal).

The documentary outlines how probiotics can benefit health areas such as digestive health, immune health, and allergies. The film also outlines its safety for infant and child use.

“Microwarriors” is now available on DVD and discussions with TV broadcasters are ongoing.

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