Prebiotic Market Report


Transparency Market Research breaks down the new fiber market.

Perhaps as a response to the seemingly overnight success of probiotics, fiber is taking on an increasing reputation as prebiotic, where applicable. As prebiotics, certain indigestible fibers ferment in the colon and stimulate healthy bacteria growth. And they’re apparently growing in global market share. Transparency Market Research (Albany, NY) just released a prebiotic market report that explains the who, where, and how of this multi-billion dollar market.

According to the report, inulin is the globe’s leading prebiotic ingredient, with over 40% of the market share. Most often sourced from chicory root, inulin enjoys success in a wide range of markets, including dietary supplements, foods, and beverages. A more recent frontier is the pet food sector.

Prebiotic sales are growing worldwide, but the report stakes much of their success in Europe. “Traditionally, Europe has been the largest consumer of prebiotic ingredients owing to increased awareness of the positive effects of prebiotics on human health,” reads the report. “The amount of market penetration of prebiotic ingredients has been so high in the region that even economic downfall has not adversely affected product sales.”

Available for purchase now, the prebiotic market report covers leading prebiotic ingredients and manufacturers, historical data, and sales trends by market segment and geographical territory.

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