Prebiotic honey launches in U.S. market


An Australian company has launched in the U.S. what it claims is the world’s first clinically tested prebiotic honey. 


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An Australian company has launched in the U.S. what it claims is the world’s first clinically tested prebiotic honey. Capilano Honey Ltd. (Brisbane, Australia) is debuting its Beeotic Honey to the U.S. market. The product originally launched in Australia in 2016.

“Given the U.S. market is even more mature around the awareness of the importance of gut health, it was a logical next step for us,” Tanya Watt, marketing and innovation director for the company, tells Nutritional Outlook. “Honey in the U.S. market is often more processed than it is in the Australian market. We see this as an opportunity to introduce a premium Australian honey with proven health benefits that are unique to our country and our brand.”

Sourced exclusively from healthy Australian bees, Beeotic Honey contains eight naturally occurring oligosaccharides, the company says. Watt explains that when bees convert nectar into honey, the bees add enzymes that create naturally occurring prebiotic sugars, namely oligosaccharides.

“Every batch of Beeotic Honey is tested by an independent laboratory for specific sugar profiles in order to ensure it contains the required naturally occurring prebiotics,” she says. “Nothing is added to the honey; nothing is taken away. Beeotic Honey is natural, premium Australian honey with naturally occurring prebiotic oligosaccharides. Not all honeys are prebiotic; this is a very special honey that is tested and guaranteed to have a minimum level of naturally occurring prebiotics.”

With products sold in over 30 countries worldwide, maintaining a healthy supply chain is crucial, particularly when the world is concerned with the health of bees. Capilano ensure the quality, consistency, and sustainability of its supply chain by working with over 600 dedicated beekeeping families in Australia, many of which have been beekeeping for multiple generations, are passionate about practicing sustainability, and invested in the long-term health of bees and the beekeeping industry, says Watts.

“Australia has some of the most pristine wilderness in the world and the greatest floral diversity. This helps to contribute to the health of the bees in Australia, and in turn, produce one of the best range of honeys in the world,” she says. “The strength of our beekeeper relationships and our supply chain helps ensure our ongoing supply to meet the demands of market expansion.” Beeotic Honey is available in Walmart locations across the U.S.

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