Pomegranate extract supports skin appearance and microbiome composition, says recent study


A recent study found that supplementation with a proprietary pomegranate fruit extract, called Pomella from Verdure Sciences, may positively impact skin appearance and microbiome composition.

Photo © iStockphoto.com/-AZ-

Photo © iStockphoto.com/-AZ-

A recent study1 found that supplementation with a proprietary pomegranate fruit extract (Pomella) from Verdure Sciences (Noblesville, IN) may positively impact skin appearance and microbiome. In the prospective, randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled study, 28 healthy males and females between the ages of 25 and 55 years, were given either placebo or the pomegranate extract day for four weeks. Researchers measured changes in wrinkle severity, facial biophysical properties, skin microbiome, and gut microbiome.

Results showed that subjects taking the pomegranate extract saw significant reductions in wrinkle severity as well as decreased trend in the forehead sebum excretion rate. It was also observed that subjects taking the pomegranate extract who has a higher relative abundance of Eggerthellaceae in the gut experienced decrease in facial transepidermal water loss and wrinkle severity. For the skin microbiome, supplementation with the pomegranate extract led to an increase in the Staphylococcus epidermidis species and the Bacillus genus.

“We are thrilled to have this new publication joining the mounting evidence in support of Pomella extract, at a 250 mg dose, once a day,” said Kristen Marshall, digital marketing manager at Verdure Sciences, in a press release. “Gut and digestive heath, skin support and beauty from within have gained a lot of mainstream attention in recent years. What happens in the gut is reflected on the skin – and now we have clinical support showing the same.”

“This new clinical study is a great opportunity to place Pomella as the new innovative ingredient for beauty from within and confirms once more the immense potential beyond punicalagins and their gut-derived metabolites urolithins,” added Teresita Rudà, head of brands and marketing at LEHVOSS Nutrition, the exclusive distributor of Pomella in Europe. “We look forward see European customers benefiting from this research and launching ground-breaking formulations in the next coming months. The link between gut and skin health is definitely an interesting and trendy topic in the nutraceutical industry.”


  1. Chakkalakal, M.; Nadora, D.; Gahoonia, N.; Dumont, A.; et al. Prospective Randomized Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Study of Oral Pomegranate Extract on Skin Wrinkles, Biophysical Features, and the Gut-Skin Axis. J. Clin. Med. 2022, 11(22): 6724. DOI: 10.3390/jcm11226724
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