Phase 3 Sugar Controller Manages Glucose, Insulin Levels


The ingredient significantly lowered both circulating glucose and insulin levels after subjects consumed 70 g of sucrose.

Pharmachem Laboratories’ (Kearny, NJ) Phase 3 Sugar Controller ingredient has been shown in two studies, published as one study in Nutrition Journal, to significantly lower both circulating glucose and insulin levels after consumption of a 70 g of sucrose.

Study one was conducted in two phases. In the first phase, 20 subjects were given 70 g of sucrose. They then completed capillary glucose measurements at 30, 45, 60, and 90 minutes, for control measurements. The next day, subjects again took 7 g of sucrose, but also consumed Phase 3 Sugar Controller, which is a novel formula of L-arabinose and a trivalent, patented food-source of chromium.

In the second phase of study one, 10 subjects took Phase 3 Sugar Controller and the sucrose for a longer period of time, for four weeks, followed by baseline capillary tests at the end of each of the four weeks.

In the second study, the same procedures used in the first phase were repeated with 50 subjects, plus the addition of circulating insulin measurements at 30 and 60 minutes from baseline.

“The data from these two separate studies reveal that a formula containing Phase 3 Sugar Controller can facilitate a consistent suppression of both circulating glucose and insulin, without adverse side effects,” wrote lead researcher Gilbert R. Kaats, PhD.

“The replication of the suppressive effect observed in the two sequential studies increases the confidence of the formula’s efficacy,” he added.

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