Palatinose Study Shows Fat Utilization


A study on the low-glycemic carbohydrate suggests it may promote more fat utilization for energy than high-glycemic carbohydrates.

A study on Palatinose, the low-glycemic carbohydrate developed by BENEO (Manheim, Germany), suggests that Palatinose may burn more fat than high-glycemic carbohydrates.

When 20 overweight and obese subjects were assigned to breakfast sweetened with Palatinose or a high-glycemic sugar-blend (sucrose and glucose), fat utilization increased with the low-glycemic substitute by approximately 18%. Palatinose appeared to have the effect when subjects were at rest or engaging in physical activity.

The new finding, published in the journal Nutrition, adds to what has already been observed with Palatinose: reduced blood glucose and insulin response after food and drink consumption.

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