From Our Brand Director: Behind a Great Industry Lies Great People


Happy Holidays, and welcome to Nutritional Outlook’s premier Best of Industry issue and People to Watch Directory!

Happy Holidays, and welcome to Nutritional Outlook’s premier Best of Industry issue and People to Watch Directory! We’re very excited about this new venture, as we consider it our tribute to all of you-the people who have made our industry what it is today.

You’ve heard it said that an industry is only as good as the people who make it. In the case of the dietary supplements and healthy food/beverages industry, this is especially true. This industry is continually changing: new customers, new science, new regulations. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the commitment of the industry’s truly responsible and innovative members to continue building the evidence and consumer trust in products that support good health.

This issue’s Best of Industry coverage profiles eight companies that, based on votes from our readers and editors, are being highlighted as making a difference in 2011-whether that meant advancing the state of the industry through innovation, science, education, and sustainability; being an advocate for industry; and/or advancing product safety and quality. Leaders such as these will continue to make this industry one that so many stand proudly behind.

In our People to Watch Directory, we highlight some of the faces of industry members whose successes lie behind those of their companies. You’ve worked with these companies; now get to know more about the people that make them tick.

As for us at Nutritional Outlook, it’s that time of year to reminisce about the past year and its successes and challenges, gains and losses, with a sense of hope and optimism for the year to come. As I write this piece on a plane bound for Chicago, I’m thinking not only about the past year but about my past seven years here at Nutritional Outlook and how truly amazing those years have been.

Since I came aboard in 2005, we’ve made things better for our magazine in so many ways: a redesigned editorial format, a stronger logo, simpler and more comprehensive marketing strategies, more-attractive covers, and most importantly, strong relationships with our readers and industry partners. We listened to our readers and provided a more comprehensive and targeted editorial calendar. We listened to our advertisers and catered to their needs to help them grow. We are truly embodying what our tagline states: “Growing….Together.”

With all of the changes in the media industry these days, two things remain constant: we couldn’t do what we’re doing without our advertisers, and we couldn’t do what we’re doing without our readers. I couldn’t be more thankful and proud of the partnerships-and friendships-we’ve developed over the years.

With an incredible team, you can do incredible things-and we really do have a wonderful team here at Nutritional Outlook. Add to that wonderful partners across the globe-readers, advertisers, and industry members alike-and I’m feeling very optimistic and hopeful about the coming years.

Thank you for a great year from all of us at Nutritional Outlook.

Tim Baudler
Brand Director

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