Oral Health Probiotic Backed by New Studies


BLIS K12 may reduce the risk of ear and throat infections in kids and adults.

Stratum Nutrition (St. Charles, MO) is publicizing the results of two new studies on its BLIS K12 probiotic for ear and throat infections, including otitis media, pharyngitis, and tonsillitis.

BLIS K12 is an isolated strain of Streptococcus salivarius, a bacterium found in large numbers in healthy mouths.

The new research covers both child and adult populations. In the children’s trial, researchers recruited 82 children with history of ear and/or throat infections to consume BLIS K12 or placebo for 90 days. Compared to the placebo group, children consuming BLIS K12 experienced 40% and 90% reductions in otitis media and tonsillitis, respectively. A similar trial on 40 adults found 80% reduced risk of recurrent throat infections after 90 days of BLIS K12 consumption.

“We have seen that BLIS K12 probiotic, when taken on a daily basis, is very effective at establishing itself inside the mouth and throat,” said Barry Richardson of BLIS Technologies. “This is important because BLIS K12 has evolved a number of defense mechanisms, which protect it from other bacteria, such as those shown to cause tonsillitis etc.; by protecting itself from harmful bacteria, BLIS K12 also protects us from harmful bacteria.”

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