Oral ATP Reduces Muscle Fatigue in Study


A small human clinical trial on Peak ATP.

When muscles perform exhaustive exercise, ATP must be regenerated from an anaerobic process that includes the production of lactate and a low pH environment, both of which cause muscle pain. But new research from TSI Group (Missoula, MT) and Metabolic Technologies Inc. (Ames, IA) suggests that use of an oral ATP dietary supplement can lower muscle fatigue during this kind of energy production.

In a crossover study funded by the two companies, researchers assigned 16 adults to Peak ATP (200 mg twice daily) or placebo capsules containing rice flour for 15 days. After supplementation and an overnight fast, subjects were assigned to perform three sets of 50 knee extensions. Results indicated that Peak ATP improved low peak torque in the second set and tended towards less leg muscle fatigue in the third set.

“These observations lead us to speculate that supplemental ATP may provide cumulative benefits in strenuous, repetitive, and exhaustive exercise activities, which could lead to improved strength and lean body mass gains,” said Metabolic Technologies researcher John Rathmacher, PhD.

The body’s cells naturally contain a high level of ATP, but ATP sourced from outside of the cells is regulated at a very low level. An oral ATP supplement, however, appears to still have an effect-even when consumed 12 hours prior to testing, as indicated by the study’s overnight fast.

The study on Peak ATP is now published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

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