Oragenics Awarded Patent for Dental Probiotic Blend

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Oragenics Inc. (Tampa, FL) has received a U.S. patent for ProBiora3, the company’s blend of oral bacteria for dental health.

Biopharmaceutical company Oragenics Inc. (Tampa, FL) has received a U.S. patent for ProBiora3, a proprietary blend of naturally occurring oral bacteria that the company says provides a range of oral-health benefits.

The company says that ProBiora3 contains three strains of beneficial oral bacteria that can help maintain a healthy microbial balance in the mouth.

“The concept behind ProBiora3 takes advantage of the observation that not all bacteria are bad,” says Jeffrey Hillman, DMD, PhD, Oragenics’ chief science officer. “In a complex environment like the mouth, we predicted that we would find certain types of bacteria that are associated with healthy teeth and gums. Finding these bacteria and using them to create ProBiora3 is the first of several innovative technologies discovered from oral biology.”

The company says possible applications include toothpaste, rinses, and floss, as well as functional foods and beverages and pet-health products. ProBiora3 is already featured in Oragenics’ line of probiotic products for oral care, including EvoraPro, EvoraPlus, EvoraKids, EvoraPet, and Teddy’s Pride.