Opportunities in weight management and energy with TSI Group: Dispatch from SupplySide East 2024


Nutritional Outlook interviewed Shawn Baier, vice president of business development for TSI Group SupplySide East. We discuss opportunities in weight management and energy.

Excerpt from the interview:

"We know the whole concept of yo-yo dieting. When people stop using the drug and they gooff of itand what happens, they get this rebound. It'svery well documented in literature that there'sa gain back. Well, they don'tgain back that same percentage of muscle loss and fat regain. They gain mostly fat back. So they really run into this kind of this cascade of events that result in the opposite of what their goal is, their goal is fat loss and sustainable fat loss, and what they end up getting is this sarcopenic obesity kind of process and then unfortunately if there isn't an intervention to really stop, they go right back on that drug and then the cycle continues. So our industry is in the perfect spot to offer up solutions, not only for the micro/macronutrient kind of overall health, but also those specialty ingredients like my myHMB."

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