One Bio Corp. Introduces Green Tea Polyphenol Extract


The company made the move based on increasing growth in the ingredient category.

ONE Bio Corp. (Miami) has announced the launch of a new herbal extract based on green tea polyphenols.

The company also plans to launch its own green tea product derived from polyphenol extracts. ONE Bio Corp. is a manufacturer of raw chemicals, herbal extracts, natural and health supplements, and organic products using a patented green manufacturing process. The company has a focus in the Asia Pacific region.

Here’s what the company said regarding the healthful benefits of green tea polyphenols:

“Raw extracts from polyphenols can be used in a number of nutraceutical and health products as it’s believed to be beneficial in the treatment of headaches, body aches, and poor digestion, and helpful in weight loss programs and improve well-being and life expectancy. Raw extracts from polyphenols are also believed to be helpful in the treatment of acne.”

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