Nutratech: Thermogenic Market Growing


The thermogenic ingredient market is going strong, according to Bob Green, president, Nutratech Inc. (West Caldwell, NJ).

“The market for thermogenic ingredients has experienced steady growth each year, and this is continuing in spite of the economy,” said Green. “[Nutratech’s] Advantra Z [thermogenic ingredient] had double-digit growth last year, and we are on target to meet those numbers again this year.  Certainly, the boom in energy shots drinks has contributed to this.”

When asked about some of the safety controversy surrounding thermogenics-namely, in relation to heart health-Green commented, “Part of the criticism comes from the fact that bitter orange-from which Advantra Z is derived-has frequently been the replacement ingredient in dietary supplement formulas that previously contained Ephedra. But any scientist will tell you that bitter orange and Ephedra are completely different, pharmacologically. Currently, there are eight safety/toxicity studies available on bitter orange, including in the publications The American Journal of Medicine and Pharmacotherapy.”

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