Nutraceutix’s Probiotic Delivery Technology Gets More Patents


The probiotic survival technology is now covered in Japan and Canada.

Nutraceutix (Redmond, WA) has earned its fifth and sixth international patents for BIO-Tract probiotic delivery technology.

BIO-Tract is a technology that ensures probiotic organisms are still alive after manufacturing, shelf life, and transport through the stomach and its destructive acids.

The technology ensures that, after all of these potentially detrimental stages, a probiotic tablet will remain intact all the way to the intestinal tract, where gut flora can then be managed.

Nutraceutix says its technology enables the formation of a protective layer around the tablet once it is ingested. This layer protects the probiotic from stomach acids, and live organisms are released in the intestinal tract as determined by your formulation. Release times range from a few hours to day-long.

The most recent BIO-Tract patents cover its use in Japan (patent 5,041,651) and Canada (patent 2,461,708). BIO-Tract is already covered by a U.S. patent.

“There is no other delivery format that offers this combination of features, functions and benefits,” says Nutraceutix director of quality Tony Blanch. “BIO-tract is a hallmark for quality in probiotic dietary supplements that consumers, brands and researchers now routinely seek. These latest patents reinforce BIO-tractʼs emerging position as the de-facto industry standard for premium dietary supplements which truly deliver on the therapeutic potential of probiotics.”

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