NP Nutra Supplies Organic Maca Powder


The ingredient is positioned as an energy booster, perfect for sports formulations.

NP Nutra (Gardena, CA) has added a concentrated organic maca root powder to its lineup of organic and superfruit ingredients. MacaXtra is a four to one dried concentration of Pervuvian-origin Lepidium meyenii. The company guaranteed the ingredient to deliver between 1-3% Glucosinolates.

A naturally adaptogenic plant, maca has historically been used for a variety of uses including memory, joint, respiratory, and mood health support. Its stamina boosting effect originates from its two inherent groups of macamides and macaenes compounds. Maca is most often associated with sexual health supplements; however NP Nutra said MacaXtra is targeted for energy boosting and stamina enhancing sports formulations. 

The product’s free-flowing texture and sweet, malty flavor is said to pair well not only with powdered beverage and smoothie applications, but also with energy bars, baked goods, chocolate, and cereals. It can also be incorporated into encapsulated or tableted supplements.

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