NP Nutra Selling Passion Fruit Ingredient

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Passion fruit is regarded for exotic fragrance and flavor and numerous nutrients.

NP Nutra (Gardena, CA) has made available a passion fruit juice ingredient from its processing facility in Brazil.

Passion fruit (Passiflora edulis) boasts excellent nutrition properties, including significant amounts of vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, iron, B vitamins, and fiber. The high level of fiber in passion fruit has motivated scientific interest in passion fruit for digestive and intestinal health. Piceatannol, a phenolic compound present in passion fruit, has also demonstrated potential benefits to skin health.

NP Nutra says that, aside from passion fruit’s hefty nutritional profile, the fruit’s fragrance and flavor are equally impressive. A distinctly exotic flavor from passion fruit lends well to other tropical fruits, such as coconut, banana, mango, pineapple, and papaya.

The company’s passion fruit juice ingredient is GMO-free, certified kosher, and available as a clear-yellow powder. Juices, smoothie mixes, syrups, ice creams, sorbets, yogurts, fruit pastes, candies, and tropical flavoring are some of the suitable uses for passion fruit.