NP Nutra Rolls Out Blackcurrant Oils, Extracts

NP Nutra says its blackcurrant seed oil provides more gamma linolenic acid than evening primrose.

NP Nutra (Rancho Dominguez, CA) has introduced blackcurrant seed oil and extracts to answer growing demand for vegetarian sources of essential fatty acids.

“Gamma linolenic acid is a highly sought after nutrient as it has been found to promote health in a variety of ways, including maintaining healthy skin and other connective tissue and supporting female reproductive health, eye health, and cognitive health,” said the company in a recent press release. “Gamma linolenic acid is found in breast milk and evening primrose oil. However, blackcurrant seed oil is a richer source of this essential nutrient than evening primrose.”

NP Nutra’s blackcurrant ingredient provides a reported 15% C18:3 gamma linolenic acid.