Non-GMO Tip 1: Where and How to Begin?


Companies must have a realistic understanding of the timeframes and effort involved.

“It’s critical that food processors new to non-GMO sourcing start early and use an organized framework,” Heroux advises. “They should inform existing suppliers or locate new suppliers very early in the process and well in advance of their anticipated timing needs.” Heroux also recommends using a “respected” system to track all relevant information and data, such as Global ID’s SupplyTrak supply-chain compliance software, because Non-GMO Project Verification, for instance, requires “extensive mapping” not only of products and ingredients but also of all suppliers and their manufacturing facilities. “Too often,” Heroux says, “these all-important details are tracked by pencil and paper and aren’t as audit-ready as they should be.” Investing in the right software can help solve this problem.

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