New Supplement Harnesses Benefits of Mediterranean Diet


The new supplement contains lycopene, grape seed extract and resveratrol, and olive extract.

Photo from Olivino

A new daily supplement from a company called Olivino combines staple ingredients of the Mediterranean Diet. The health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet purportedly include improved brain function and eye health, among others, says the company.

Each serving of the new Olivino supplement contains a dose of lycopene equal to that of five tomatoes, a dose of grape seed extract and resveratrol equivalent to that of 300 grapes, and olive extract equivalent to 30 olives. In addition, each serving includes nearly a half gram of fiber.

Lycopene is said to support skin health, potentially reducing the appearance of wrinkles and increasing skin elasticity. The grape ingredients, according to the company, impact cardiovascular health and have been shown in clinical studies to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. The olive polyphenols may provide support for both skin and cardiovascular health. The company says that North Americans consume few olives compared to their European counterparts, and so are unable to harness these benefits.

The recommended serving size is two Olivino capsules taken daily.

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