New Lozenge Designed to Reduce Sugar Cravings


According to the company, the lozenge reduces hunger cravings within seconds.

Photo from Crave Crush

A company called Crave Crush LLC has launched Crave Crush, a mint lozenge sourced from natural ingredients that is said to help stave off hunger cravings. According to the company, the lozenge reduces hunger cravings within seconds. The efficacy of the product, it says, is due to the presence of gymnema (Gymnema sylvestre), a natural banaba leaf extract that has been a traditional staple of South Asian diets and that has been shown to influence the tongue’s sweet taste receptors, thus preventing activation of those receptors by sugar molecules and, in turn, inhibiting those receptors from signaling the brain. Each Crave Crush lozenge contains 3 mg of gymnema.

The company notes that Crave Crush is most geared to professional athletes looking to increase workout performance and those who adhere to reduced-sugar diets, such as Whole30 and Paleo, but is a great way for anyone concerned about their sugar intake to cut back.

“Crave Crush reduces consumption of high-sugar foods. The idea that you can reduce the desire for sugar, in seconds, by suppressing sweet taste is groundbreaking,” said Eric Stice, PhD, neuroscientist, Oregon Research Institute, in a press release. Crave Crush LLC says Stice has conducted a number of studies on Crave Crush that are expected to be published later this year.

The company recommends a serving size of two to three lozenges daily, or more as needed. The lozenge should be taken immediately after a meal or snack. Crave Crush is now available online and in premium pharmacies throughout New York City.

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