New Ingredion White Paper Details How to Produce Greek Yogurt without Straining


The white paper details a method of producing Greek-style yogurt that doesn’t require straining, while maintaining thick and creamy texture.

Ingredients supplier Ingredion Inc. (Westchester, IL) has released a new white paper detailing a unique method of producing Greek-style yogurt that doesn’t require straining, while also maintaining consumers’ expectations of a thick and creamy Greek-style yogurt. The white paper, titled “Achieve Rich, Creamy Texture in Greek-Style Yogurt with a Cost-Effective Approach,” is the first in a series of papers the company is putting out on texture research and solutions.

“Greek-style yogurt products can be made on typical stirred or blended yogurt processing equipment, avoiding the significant capital investment into straining equipment, for significant cost savings,” says Suzanne Mutz-Darwell, senior market development manager, texture, Ingredion. “By combining our ingredient solutions, such as Novation and Precisa texture systems, with our technical assistance, dairy processors now have the ability to create the thick, rich, and creamy Greek-style yogurt-style texture consumers desire.”

The company says that in order to gain insight into the range and diversity of Greek yogurt products, its sensory and rheology experts characterized and mapped the texture space of a number of Greek-style yogurt products on the market. The firm also conducted a focus group with customers who eat Greek yogurt and found that texture is a major motivator when consumers select a Greek yogurt.

For a copy of the white paper, contact Ingredion at 866/961-6285, by e-mail at, or visit

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