New Ingredients Launching at Natural Products Expo West


An Expo West preview: New ingredient launches to kick off the 2014 trade show season.

Natural Products Expo West is just around the bend. Here’s a sneak peak at what companies are preparing to kick of the 2014 trade show season:





New Garcinia Cambogia Weight-Management Blend

National Enzyme Co. is bringing a new ingredient blend to Expo West! The company is taking weight management to a whole new level with H3XG. “While many have tried to create successful weight-management products incorporating Garcinia cambogia, our proprietary blend is formulated for weight and body fat management, helping to control appetite and boost metabolism when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise,” the company says.
National Enzyme Co.
Booth 534


Taking HMB to the Next Level

BetaTOR (HMB free acid), Metabolic Technologies’ latest ingredient launch, takes the muscle-boosting performance of HMB to a whole new level. BetaTOR acts quickly to limit muscle damage caused by intense training and to increase training results. It provides a competitive edge before, during, and after your workout. Benefits include elevated peak power performance, a 200% boost in muscle thickness, a 250% boost in lean mass gain with a 190% decrease in body fat loss, and improved recovery, the company says: “All this in a safe, scientifically proven, highly efficient delivery form. BetaTOR: Clear. Powerful. Performance.”
Metabolic Technologies Inc.
Booth 362


Red Palm Oil Seminar

The American Palm Oil Council and the Malaysian Palm Oil Board will jointly hold a red palm oil seminar on Friday, March 7, at 4:30-5:30 PM at The Marriott’s Grand Salon AB. Dr. Shawn Talbott, one of America’s leading lifestyle experts, together with Bryan See, product manager of natural, full-spectrum palm tocotrienol producer Carotech Inc., and Johari Minal, regional manager of the Malaysian Palm Oil Board, will discuss the nutritional aspects of red palm oil and the beneficial health effects of tocotrienols, the unsaturated form of vitamin E found abundantly in red palm oil. The speakers will present the latest human clinical studies on liver health and protection, neuroprotection, and cardiovascular health. Minal will also touch on the sustainability practices of the production of virgin palm oil as implemented nationwide in Malaysia.Carotech Inc.


Peak Energy Tabs: The Next Generation of Energy

Bioenergy is debuting what it calls the latest evolution in personal energy for adults: Peak Energy Tabs. Formulated around the company’s Bioenergy D-ribose, Peak Energy Tabs provide a new delivery format for a superior energy blend that acts quicker, lasts longer, and helps you stay at your peak throughout the day, the company says. Each Peak Energy Tab contains a unique, synergistic blend of Bioenergy D-ribose, B vitamins, and 100 mg of caffeine (equivalent to a cup of coffee). The firm says D-Ribose works synergistically with caffeine to extend the product’s energy effects and eliminate any energy crash. D-ribose is also the basic building block of ATP, which fuels cells, providing a unique, "get up and go" sensation on demand, the company says.
Bioenergy Booth 317 

Yacón Root Line
Jiaherb Inc. is introducing a new, trademarked yacón root product line, Yacontrol. While the line’s main product is syrup, the line also includes an extract, a powder, and instant powder. In addition to Yacontrol, Jiaherb is now offering high-quality pea protein powder. The company’s mission is to provide the highest-quality ingredients backed by superior customer service and competitive pricing.
JiaherbBooth 606


Omega-3 Concentrates

At Natural Products Expo West, Novel Ingredient Services will introduce GC Rieber omega-3 concentrates. These ultra-pure Norwegian fish oils-DHA and EPA available in TG orEE forms-offer potencies up to 90% total omega-3s. Innovations include 70 DHA Ultra TG, the industry’s highest concentration of DHA in the natural TG form and comparable to pharmaceutical‑grade ingredients, the firms say. GC Rieber concentrates can be customized to meet strict manufacturing specifications, efficiently and cost-effectively. Novel will also showcase EstroG‑100, a unique, soy-free botanical blend that, unlike rival ingredients, quickly addresses multiple symptoms of menopause. Both ingredients are available exclusively from Novel.
Novel Ingredient Services
Booth 264


Probiotic Innovations

Ganeden Biotech will showcase more than a dozen new and unique product launches by its partners within the food, beverage, and sports nutrition industries-including a number of launches outside the United States. All of these innovative probiotic products are fortified with Ganeden’s patented probiotic GanedenBC30. At the company’s booth, visitors can enjoy a nice, hot cup of probiotic tea and coffee.
Ganeden Biotech Inc.
Booth 450


Non-GMO Project–Certified Capsules

Among other highlights from Capsugel, a global leader in innovative dosage forms and solutions for the healthcare industry, is the recent Non-GMO Project, third-party certification of its plant-based HPMC capsule Vcaps Plus. Vcaps Plus is a strong dosage delivery choice for powders, but especially for liquids, for which the company says consumers are showing a preference. As a low-moisture, hard capsule, Vcaps Plus offers superior barrier to oxygen, protecting ingredients from degradation. The new Non-GMO Project certification indicates that the capsule-which is already free of additives, preservatives, allergens, starch, and gluten-is made according to rigorous best practices for avoidance of genetically modified organisms through all of its production stages.
Booth 434


Condition-Specific Krill Oil Formulas

Neptune Technologies & Bioressources will highlight three new condition-specific formulas featuring its NKO krill oil: NKO Beat for heart and circulatory health, NKO Flex for bone and joint support, and NKO Focus targeting brain and vision support. Each formula is backed by clinical studies and offers superior absorption thanks to NKO’s unique composition, the company says.
Neptune Technologies & Bioressources
Booth 628


Enzyme-Activated Energy Boost

By activating the energy-switching enzyme AMP-K, Gencor’s new ActivAMP ingredient replicates the metabolic and health benefits of exercise. AMP-K regulates metabolic activity in the liver, lipids, and skeletal muscle and brain, influencing glucose utilization, oxidation, and appetite and helping to reduce body fat and promote moderate weight loss. Clinical studies in both animals and humans affirm the effectiveness of ActivAMP, the company says. The ingredient is an extract of the herb Gynostemma pentaphyllum, which has been used safely for centuries. ActivAMP is now available from Gencor as a free-flowing powder and is suitable for use in powders, tablets and capsules.
Booth 613


Cranberry and Rice Protein Ingredients

Nexira will showcase Exocyan, its unique cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) branded ingredient. Exocyan is standardized from 1 to 50% in proanthocyanidins (PACs). It contains a unique type of cranberry flavonoids with antibacterial activity: the A-type PACs. 
The anti-adhesion property of A-type PACs is the basis of cranberry’s extraordinary ability to improve urinary tract health. In addition to the well-known UTI benefits of cranberry, Exocyan-with its very low sugar content-can also be safely used in oral care applications. Nexira is also highlighting Prothy, a hypoallergenic hydrolized rice protein from GMO-free raw material. Prothy offers a high protein content (80%) and is rich in all essential and semi-essential amino acids, including 15% branched chain amino acids (a ratio 2:1:1 of leucine, isoleucine, and valine, respectively). Prothy helps promote muscle mass (anabolic properties) and reduce muscle damage (anti-catabolic properties)-important at all stage of life and during sport performances.It is suitable for vegan consumers.
Nexira Inc. Booth 119


Teaching Retailers about Krill

Aker BioMarine is accelerating its retailer education pilot program titled “How to Speak Krill.” This one-of-a-kind program, led by Chris Speed (MND and omega-3 expert), offers retailers an in-depth, 360-degree view of krill and addresses why omega-3 education is becoming more important than ever. It also explains how retailers can properly meet their customers’ demands. On site at Expo West, Aker will also discuss why krill is one of the most environmentally friendly and superior sources of omega-3s on the market today by revealing new findings from the largest human study on krill, as well as a brand new sustainability white paper.
Aker BioMarine Antarctic US
Booth 150


Measuring Liquid and Semi-Solid Viscosity

Brookfield Engineering Laboratories has been a world leader in viscosity measurement and control for 80 years. The company produces high-quality viscometers and rheometers that measure the viscosity of liquids and semi-solids. Its CT3 Texture Analyzer has gained a reputation for being the ideal tool for tension and compression testing, the company says. Brookfield also offers a wide variety of fixture and probes for use with the CT3 Texture Analyzer, providing testing solutions for a large and growing number of applications. The company invites Expo West visitors to stop by for a demo or to speak with one of its technical experts about quality-control and R&D solutions.
Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
Booth 378


A New Sweetener Solution, Glucosamine, and More

Cargill will feature many health-promoting ingredients and specialty sweeteners, including a new sweetener solution. The company will also showcase a new Regenasure glucosamine strawberry-lemonade liquid water enhancer, as well as discuss recent clinical research that demonstrates the dental health benefits of Zerose erythritol. The company utilizes consumer insight, regulatory, and scientific expertise to develop products that help customers deliver healthier, great-tasting consumer packaged goods and address some of today’s most pressing health concerns.
Booth 334


Protein Gel

From morning workout to late-night snack, companies can satisfy the consumer’s appetite with products fortified using Hilmar Ingredients’ whey protein, “The Anytime Protein.” The company invites Expo West visitors to its booth to sample new concepts featuring whey protein isolate, including a post-exercise refueling gel with 20 g of protein in a 4-oz serving, and a creamy pudding treat with 10 g of protein in a 3.5-oz cup.
Hilmar Ingredients Booth 256


Ingredient Range
Nutraceuticals International Group will highlight a wide range of branded ingredients at its Natural Products Expo West booth. Ingredients include a-LACYS RESET, a patented, synergistic combination of ALA and cysteine
that modulates cell redox (reduction and oxidation) balance by controlling and neutralizing radicals; SynBalance, arange of selected probiotic bacteria; ExceptionHYAL, pure sodium hyaluronate
 for regeneration of synovial fluids; SelectSIEVE Apple PCQ for weight management, drainage, menopause, glucose absorption, and glycemix index control; SelectSIEVE Bergamot for antioxidant support, heart health, and healthy cholesterol levels; and SelectSIEVE Olive for antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiviral, and heart health support.
Nutraceuticals International Group
Booth 652


Caffeine and Pterostilbene in a Co-Crystal
PURENERGY is ChromaDex’s innovative, patent-protected caffeine ingredient. It is a co-crystal comprising caffeine and ChromaDex’s pTeroPure pterostilbene, a potent natural antioxidant found in blueberries. As demonstrated in human clinical evaluations, PURENERGY enables energy product formulators to reduce the total amount of caffeine in their products by as much as 50%, without sacrificing consumers' expectations from such products. PURENERGY delivers almost 30% more caffeine into the blood and stays in the body 25% longer than caffeine alone, the company says. It delivers the same energy boost as regular caffeine, in a smaller serving size.
ChromaDex Inc. Booth 212


For Muscle Mass and Strength

By activating the body’s mTOR pathway, Mediator phosphatidic acid (PA) can help individuals gain both lean muscle mass and strength, especially when accompanied by weight bearing or aerobic exercise and adequate protein intake. Supplier Chemi Nutra says that Mediator PA is a truly cutting-edge, novel compound and can play a significant role in minimizing age-related muscle loss, also known as sarcopenia.
Chemi Nutra
Booth 456


Sports-Performance Ingredient

ActiGin is an all-natural sports-performance nutraceutical ingredient that has shown in one in vivo and four human studies to increase high-intensity endurance performance, energy level, and glycogen recovery in muscles, and reduce muscle damage after high-intensity physical activity. Formulated from a patent-pending ratio of highly fractionated Panax notoginseng and Rosa roxburghii, ActiGin has demonstrated it can increase energy catalyst citrate synthase by 46%, increase glycogen recovery by 370%, and increase high-intensity endurance performance up to 20%- all while decreasing inflammation and muscle damage up to 69% after high-intensity exercise, the company says.
NuLiv Science
Booth 514


Gusset Bag Filling

Vitatech Nutritional Sciences Inc., a private-label manufacturer of vitamins and supplements, will introduce gusset bag–filling capabilities, as well as new, high-speed packaging and state-of-the-art lot traceability capabilities. The company manufactures tablets; two-piece capsules, including banded capsules; and powders. It also provides packaging services.
Vitatech Nutritional Sciences Inc.
Booth 338

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