New Enzymes Address Food Intolerances


Deerland Enzymes launches new products for dairy and gluten intolerance.

Deerland Enzymes (Kennesaw, GA) is marketing enzyme solutions for dairy intolerance and gluten intolerance. The two solutions are branded as Dairylytic and Glutaltyic.

Dairyltic combines lactase with a protease enzyme blend because the company believes lactose isn’t the only tolerance issue with milk products. The argument holds ground when people take lactase and still have problems consuming dairy.

“Their discomfort may actually be attributed to an immune response from the protein components of dairy, not intolerance to the lactose,” says John Deaton, PhD, vice president of technology at Deerland Enzymes. The added protease in Dairylytic improves digestion and absorption of milk proteins.

Glutalytic may reduce gluten intolerance by cleaving the peptide bonds that hold together gluten proteins. The company says its solution can outperform traditional dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPPIV) enzymes, with superior degradation of these proteins.

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