New Douglas Labs Dietary Supplements Line Supports Overall Health for Athletes


Klean Athlete takes a unique approach to athletic supplementation: promoting overall daily health in athletes.

Nutritional supplements marketer Douglas Laboratories has launched a new sports nutrition line called Klean Athlete that takes a unique approach to athletic supplementation: promoting overall daily health in athletes. The line, which includes seven products, is NSF Certified for Sport to ensure all products are free of banned substances.

“Many of us are athletes who are passionate about competing at our very best in a natural way, and we recognized a need to create products which support-rather than enhance-peak performance,” says the company’s senior vice president of sales, Timothy Monk.

The products include Klean Multivitamin, a twice-daily tablet promoting overall health. The company says that the formula, which also contains a unique fruit and vegetable blend, is designed to provide athletes with nutrients in smaller, more powerful doses. Another supplement, Klean Antioxidant, stars the maqui berry, astaxanthin for antiaging, as well as a patented combination of acetyl-L-carnitine and lipoic acid, to help guard against cellular damage stemming from intense training. For cognitive health, Klean Cognitive also features acetyl-L-carnitine and lipoic acid, and also contains vegetarian alpha-GPC. A probiotic formula, Klean Probiotic, helps support digestion, including of ingredients key to performance, and supports immune health.

Other supplements include Klean Isolate, a premium-quality whey protein to build and repair muscles, with no artificial flavors or sweeteners; Klean Electrolytes, which replenishes minerals during or after exercise; and Klean Endurance, an all-natural D-Ribose chew supplement that restores energy and supports cardiac function and fatigue.

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