New Dissolvable, Meringue-Like Stevia Sweetener for Hot Beverages Is a Unique New Delivery Form


The company says that its meringue-like sweetener can be formulated with different types of sweeteners in addition to stevia.

Photo from Lampados International Ltd.

A company called Lampados International Ltd. (Caesarea, Israel) has launched a new stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) sweetener, called Liteez, which has a meringue-like appearance and is designed to dissolve into a foam in hot beverages. Formulating the company’s meringue-like “kiss” sweetener with stevia was a challenge due to stevia’s acidity and isoelectric point of the mixture changes relative to using other high-intensity sweeteners like sucralose, the company says.

The company says that it was ultimately able to create a sweetener that is soluble enough to dissolve in hot drinks and that will settle into a delicate foam. “Changing the physical characteristics of the product changed the texture and manufacturing parameters,” explained Noam Kaplan, CEO, Lampados in a press release. “After dozens of lab trials, we successfully overcame all these challenges, maintaining the desired texture, form, flavor, color-and functionality-of the kisses.”

Stevia is also known to have off-notes. The company says that Liteez contains prebiotic fibers that build sweetness, act as a bulking agent, function as a nutraceutical, and that mask stevia’s off-notes.

“Liteez, is much more than just another sweetener,” explained Kaplan. “It’s a fun, 3D, easy-to-use sugar replacer that doubles as a sweet treat. You can eat it as a treat when drinking tea or coffee or, if you need sweetness in the drink, just stir it right in. It will completely dissolve in about half a minute.”

Kaplan continued: “This is a true breakthrough, 3D solution for consumers seeking plant-based, low-calorie sweeteners.”

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