New Aloe Gel Processing Retains Activity Close to Fresh-Picked Leaf


The NaturLock system is said to create aloe gel that preserves more polysaccharides, above 150,000 Daltons.

A new method of growing, harvesting, and processing Aloe vera gel is said to retain a nutrient activity that nearly equals that of fresh-picked Aloe vera leaf. Aloe specialist Terry Laboratories (Melbourne, FL) recently introduced  this method, which it says was two years in development.

The NaturLock system is said to create aloe gel that preserves more polysaccharides, above 150,000 Daltons, resulting in healthier products. It is said to give products the highest concentrations of acemannan on the market-up to nine times what competitors offer, the firm claims. (Acemannan is a D-isomer mucopolysaccharide found in Aloe vera leaves.) To back its claims, the company provides an HPLC-SEC scan with each gel order.

The company says it has completely reengineered its gel processing technology companywide, including refining the reverse-osmosis process. The firm is now reintroducing many of its aloe products now using this system. First introduced are its Aloe Vera Gel 1X and Aloe Vera Gel 10X. In addition to aloe gel, the company provides liquid concentrates and powder.

“NaturLock System is the most exciting development in growing, harvesting, and processing Aloe vera in this decade,” says Jim Gambino, the company’s executive vice president and general manager.

“For many years, scientists have universally agreed that the acetylated polymannan polysaccharides are responsible for much of the biological activity long reported in scientific literature,” adds Mick Anderson, director of sales. “Through NaturLock, we not only retain an extremely large percentage of the total polysaccharide but, probably more importantly, a molecular weight distribution that more closely mimics Mother Nature than any other supplier of Aloe vera today.”

He adds that NaturLock may also soon be applied to the company’s powder products. “As we continue to implement further improvements in spray-drying and freeze-drying feedstock, we will add those powders to the NaturLock System line of products.”

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