Nebraska Cultures Probiotic Outlives Other Strains


ProDURA outlived other probiotic strains when subjected to high temperatures, including boiling point.

Nebraska Cultures (Walnut Creek, CA) reports that, during a heat resistance test, its ProDURA probiotic lived longer than two other commercial strains. ProDURA is a strain of Bacillus coagulans.

Researchers at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln placed three probiotic strains under various temperatures to determine how long it would take before probiotic populations were no longer viable. According to Nebraska Cultures, its strain outlasted the others at all temperatures tested. For example, when strains were placed under 105 degrees Celsius, it took twice as long for ProDURA populations to decrease by 90% as it did for the other bacterial strains.

If such results can be replicated, ProDURA could have advantages over other strains when used in processed foods that undergo high heat.

Nebraska Cultures can speak to a number of other benefits associated with its probiotic, including the strain’s ability to produce lactase, its potential to improve human cholesterol levels, and its association with reduced incidence of bacterial vaginosis.

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