Natural Products Expo East Preview: Aiding Gluten Digestion


Enzymedica is now introducing GlutenEase 2X.

As a follow-up to its original GlutenEase-a dietary supplement to help those who suffer from gluten intolerance digest and assimilate the offending proteins-Enzymedica is now introducing GlutenEase 2X. (Neither product is intended to be a treatment for those with celiac disease.)GlutenEase 2X contains a new Protease Thera-blend (G2) along with DPP-IV enzymes for providing double the digesting power of foods containing gluten and casein. The company says that the combination of Thera-blend (G2) and DPP-IV provides a minimum of two times the digestive support previously observed with its original Thera-blend in GlutenEase, breaking down at least twice as much gluten protein in less time. Additionally, the starch-digesting amylase enzymes in GlutenEase 2X assist in the digestion of the carbohydrate portion of grains, such as wheat, that contain gluten.

Enzymedica, Booth #5206

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