Natural Product Investment Hot Spot: The quantified supplement shopper


Five targets for investors’ health and wellness dollars.

Curtailed attention spans and selfies notwithstanding, the digital revolution has paid some dividends worth celebrating, especially in the personal-tech arena. “A lot of effort is going into giving consumers tools to independently and wisely make better choices about what supplements they take: how to measure them, how they’re working, whether they’re working,” says Ferrier. This has sparked interest in diagnostic and monitoring systems for the masses: simple instruments that consumers can use on their own or with healthcare providers better to foster engagement with and commitment to a supplement regime.

Ferrier notes that the NCN Transaction Database has tracked a rapid rise in tech investments, some of which fall under this personal-health banner. “But while customization of products that rely on diagnostic tools like blood tests, algorithms, and interviews remains intriguing to investors,” he says, “no one has really cracked the code of how to market it.” At least not yet.




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