Natural Product Hitmakers: The Next Wave of Gluten-Free


We asked longtime natural products consultant Bob Burke for his best bets.

Consultant Bob Burke: "Gluten-free and allergen-free are big. The next wave in gluten-free seems to be whole grain. The first wave in gluten-free was, “We’re gluten free. But we taste like cardboard.” The second wave was, “We don’t taste like cardboard,” but products were still somewhat nutritionally void with ingredients like rice flour and potato flour. The current wave is ancient grains, things that are intrinsically gluten-free. They might be from parts of the world where they’re also intrinsically non-GMO. But they are also high-protein, high-fiber, whole-grain, etc. One example that won best new food product last year at Natural Products Expo East is Smart Flour Foods’ frozen pizza shells. That’s an example of using ancient grains in the gluten-free frozen-pizza category compared to all of the other gluten-free pizzas that might use rice flour or potato flour, which aren’t really any better than white flour nutritionally."


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