NattoPharma Develops Vitamin K2 Crystals


The company says its new product allows for a higher-purity vitamin K2.

Vitamin K2 manufacturer NattoPharma (Oslo, Norway) is reporting an ingredient “breakthrough” with its development of new MenaQ7 vitamin K2 crystals.

Vitamin K2 is gaining attention for bone health formulations due to the ingredient’s ability to active osteocalcin, the protein that moves calcium from the blood to the bones.

Thanks to a multi-step process of purification, condensation, and crystallization, NattoPharma can produce a higher-purity vitamin K2 for cost-effectiveness and product efficacy. The company explained its new MenaQ7 product in a recent press release:


The new pure MenaQ7 crystals can be used directly in food, food supplements, premixes and multivitamins without the customary excipients-resulting in much desired space and weight savings in finished vitamin K2-containing products. In other words, it is more economical, manufacturing-wise and financially because you use less to obtain desired amounts. Additionally, MenaQ7 crystals are 100% defined for its composition and impurities, plus MenaQ7 crystals can be reconstituted in oil, e.g. medium-chain triglycerides of safflower oil, sunflower oil and coconut oil or mixed with appropriate carriers for obtaining a triturated powder form.

The company says it plans to host a suite at the upcoming SupplySide West trade show to discuss its latest MenaQ7 crystal technology.

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